Did You Say Basque?

Many visitors come back again and again simply for the Basque cuisine! Yes, we have beautiful mountains, lakes, and streams. We have world class golfing, skiing, hiking, and sight seeing. Did you also know we are home to some amazing basque food!

Before we share with you where to find this tasty food, let’s talk about where it comes from. The Basque Culture comes from a northern region of Spain. They are predominately sheep herders. Back in the mid 1800’s during the gold rush, Basque immigrants made their way into Nevada.

They brought their culture with them and luckily it stuck. You won’t find basque cuisine hardly anywhere in the United States other than this region. In fact, the culture is such a big part of Northern Nevada, UNR has a massive program specifically for Basque culture.

Let’s talk about the food! Mmm… Served family style, you get your choice of entree. Usually it’s a choice of steak, lamb, fish, sweetbreads, or chicken. All entrees come with table wine, soup, salad, stew, beans, french fries, coffee, and ice cream!

You can still see them herding sheep in rural parts of northern Nevada and you can enjoy their food all along the I-80 corridor(in NV) and here in Minden and Gardnerville.

I know what you’ll be eating tonight!